1. Download Constitution of panel of Senior/Junior Standing Counsel against existing slots for handling CBEC cases of Indirect taxation cases before the Patna High Court- reg. dated 04.07.16

2. Download Power assigned to CBEC for appointment of Standing Counsels to handle litigation of Indirect Taxes before various High Courts - guidelines regarding mechanism of appointment of Counsels and their terms and conditions -Reg.

3. Download Action Plan arisen out of the Chief Commissioner conference - reg. dated 15.07.16

4. Download Selection of Special Public Prosecutors (SPPs) for handling CBEC cases before the Subordinate Courts/Courts of Session of Patna,Ara & Gopalganj-Reg.dated 29.08.16

5. Download Treaty of Trade, Treaty of Transits and Trade Related Agreement Between Government of Nepal and Neighboring Countries.

6. Download Minutes of meeting of Customs Facilitation Committee (CFCC), Patna held at ICP, Raxaul on 18.11.2016.

7. Download Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) 2016

8. Download Standard Order 01/2014.

9. Download Annual General Transfer 2017 - reg.

10. Download Advisory No. ADJN/01/2015-16.

11. Download मूल आदेश संख्या/44/2016 / स0आ0 /नौतनवा

12. Download "G" Pass Examination held under regulation 17(3) of the Customs brokers Licensing Regulation,2013.

13. Download National Informatics Centre E-mail Account Application.

14. Download Written Examination under Customs Brokers License under Regulation, 2013 held on 20.01.2017-Declaration of Result-Reg.

15. Download Furnishing of relevant documents for provisional release of seized vehicles bearing Regn No. HR38Q/8843 - Regarding dated 22.02.17.



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