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    01/2018 dt 09.03.18 Refund on IGST of Export-Invoice mismatch cases-Alternative mechanism with officer interface -reg.
    02/2018 dt 27.03.18 "G" pass examination under regulation 17(3) of the customs broker licensing (Amendment) regulation 2013.
    05/2018 dt .05.18 Launch of Indian Customs EDI System (ICES - 1.5) for Imports & Exports, at 9 Non- EDI LCS of Patna Customs -Reg.
    06/2018 dt 24.05.18 Making operational of Valmikinagar Land Customs Station -Reg.
    08/2018 dt 06.07.18 List of sensitive items under para 8 of the Export Procedure  of the Memorandum-to the protocol to the Treaty of Transit between  India & Nepal Reg.
    09/2018 dt 06.07.18 Procedure to be followed by Transporters carrying CTD (Exports) consignments in terms of the Memorandum to the Protocol to the Treaty of Transit between India & Nepal-Reg.
    No. 10/2018 Dated 11.09.2018 Amendment to Public Notice No. 02/2013 dated 15.03.2013 and 03/2013 dated 07.05.2013.
    No. 11/2018 Dated 11.09.2018 Launch of Export Modules through the Indian Customs EDI Systems (ICES 1.5) for filing and processing of documents for Export at 09 Non-EDI LCS of Patna Customs.
    No. 12/2018 Dated 13.09.2018 Permission to Customs Broker to work at LCSs.
    No. 13/2018 Dated 13.09.2018 Permission of Self Sealing.